We enthusiastically support Beth for Routt County Commissioner

Roger Ashton, Steamboat Springs

Anne Barounos, Steamboat Springs

Ben & Millie Beall, Routt County

Helen Beall, Steamboat Springs

Paula Cooper Black, Steamboat Springs

Betsy Chase, Routt County

Hope Cook, Steamboat Springs

Julie Dalke, Routt County

Lauren Davies, Steamboat Springs

Matt Eidt, Steamboat Springs

Chloe Flam, Steamboat Springs

Jay Gallagher, Routt County

Lulu Gould, Steamboat Springs

Hannah Hoffman, Steamboat Springs

Megan & Cody Mertens, Oak Creek

Elizabeth Homuth, Steamboat Springs

Greg Johnson, Steamboat Springs

Reed Jones, Steamboat Springs

Lia Kozatch, Clark

Jamie Lamb, Steamboat Springs

Tom & Joyce Delancey, Hayden

Lu Etta Loeber, Steamboat Springs

Michael Ann Marchard, Steamboat Springs

Diane Mitsch Bush, former Routt County Commissioner, former State Representative

Noreen Moore, Yampa

Anne Mudgett, Steamboat Springs

Whitney Neelis, Routt County

Mary O'Brien, Hayden

Lisel Petis, Steamboat Springs City Council Member

Jon Quinn, Steamboat Springs

Dylan Roberts, State Representative, Routt and Eagle Counties

John Sant'Ambrogio, Steamboat Springs

Mayling Simpson, Steamboat Springs

Chris Slota, Steamboat Springs

Shana Smith, Steamboat Springs

Matt & Emily Tjosvold, Steamboat Springs

Jane Toothaker, Steamboat Springs

Glen & Stephany Traylor, Steamboat Springs

Chris Wadopian, Steamboat Springs

Erin Walker, Steamboat Springs

Anna White, Steamboat Springs

Martha Young, PhD, Steamboat Springs

Routt County needs someone who is not ideological and will work for all citizens. Understanding the difficulties of young, working families trying to live in Routt County, Beth will work to help these families through her leadership on education, housing and transportation. Her vision is to be a partner with all municipalities in creating livable communities while maintaining a rural Routt County where agriculture is promoted. I am supporting Beth Melton for Routt County Commissioner because her vision will create a better place for our kids as well as our visitors. - Ben Beall, Former Routt County Commissioner

Having lived and worked in our rural communities Beth understands and supports their uniqueness and importance to Routt County. She would bring to the Routt County Board of Commissioners a broad perspective on how young families struggle with the challenges of affordable housing and accessible early childhood care and education. We need intelligent, open minded leaders like Beth and I wholeheartedly support her candidacy for Routt County Commissioner. - Nancy Stahoviak, Retired Routt County Commissioner

Beth is an amazing young community leader. Her commitment to Routt County is clear, and she will bring an important perspective to the Board of County Commissioners. I am confident that she will work hard every day for the families in all of Routt County to find creative solutions to the challenges that lie ahead. - Diane Mitsch Bush, Former Routt County Commissioner & Former Colorado State Representative (Routt & Eagle Counties)

I am so pleased to offer my endorsement of Beth Melton’s candidacy for County Commissioner.  Her passion for this community is self-evident to anyone who knows her, and her focus on strengthening our local economy for our working-class families and our regional housing shortage make her stand out as a voice of change for our community’s future.  I had the pleasure of working alongside Beth to help with the recent passage of the 5A for Homes Initiative and I’ve seen how dedicated Beth is in her pursuit of the goals she sets for herself.  She is dedicated about educating herself about the issues, dedicated to listening to all of the voices at a table, and dedicated to finding the path forward that is the most beneficial to the citizens of this community.  Her dedication to the values she represents will benefit all the citizens of Routt County.  I hope you will join me in supporting Beth Melton for County Commissioner. - Jon Quinn, COO, Northwest Data Services & former Steamboat Springs City Council Member

I am proud to support Beth Melton to be the next Routt County Commissioner. Beth is a smart, passionate, and well-intentioned leader in our community. She will bring a vast breadth of experience to the Board of Commissioners and will be the fresh perspective that we need to both protect what makes Routt County a great place to live as well as advocate for making our county livable for the next generation. Beth Melton is the perfect person to lead the county to a brighter future. - Dylan Roberts, State Representative (Routt and Eagle Counties)

It is imperative that the next generation serve our community with a vision for the future. Beth has the skills not only to handle the day to day issues confronting Routt County, but the ability to look at systemic problems and envision solutions. The future of our community would be in qualified hands with Beth as a Routt County Commissioner. - Paula Cooper Black

Beth will provide a strong stand for the wellbeing of the people and the place we call home. Her commitment to take into account the impacts of growth upon both the individual and the environment is necessary to balance the quality of life we have. Beth provides the skills and intelligence to be a superb County Commissioner. - Noreen Moore