About Beth

Beth Melton and Family

Beth values hard work and service

The oldest of five kids from a working class family, I grew up on a farm in rural Walla Walla, Washington. From a young age, I learned the value of a hard day's work, a strict budget, and a strong community. These things are as important to me today as they were to my family growing up.

My life has been one of service. My spare time in high school, college, and beyond has always been spent giving back through volunteer work and community leadership.

Beth is a Teacher

My career has been one of service as well. My first job after college was teaching girls in foster care to develop life skills. Providing leadership to ensure everyone has a fair chance to succeed would become my life's work. I went back to school and became a teacher.

Beth is an Education Leader

As a teacher on the Front Range, I worked every day with kids and families struggling to get by, and I wanted to do more for them. I studied Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at the University of Denver, which gave me the opportunity to take a job with the Northwest Colorado Board of Cooperative Educational Services (NW BOCES) in Routt County in 2013. I work with administrators and teachers in every school in northwest Colorado, providing leadership and coaching to ensure success for students in the classroom.

When I saw that many families in Routt County were looking for more than the schools can provide them, I co-founded a small business - Steamboat Reading - to provide advocacy and support services for struggling readers and their families. I now provide advisory support for Steamboat Reading to ensure families can get the support they need.

Clark Melton Hayden

Beth knows routt county

My husband Will grew up in Routt County, and we always knew Routt County was the place we wanted to make our home and raise our child. After living in South Routt, we bought our first home in Hayden, where we lived when our son Clark was born. We now live in Steamboat. My work gives me the opportunity to be intimately connected with all of the communities in Northwest Colorado, including all of Routt County in addition to Moffat, Grand, and Jackson Counties. By living and working throughout the region, I have a deep appreciation for the diversity of our county as well as the things that bind us together.

Steamboat Springs Young Professionals Board 2018

Beth serves routt county

From day one, I have demonstrated my commitment to this community and the people in it. I am a leader in our community, working with organizations including the Young Professionals Network, First Impressions Early Childhood Council, and the Steamboat Chamber. I have also been recognized as a leader by the state - being invited to serve on several leadership committees with the Colorado Department of Education focused on dyslexia and early literacy.

Beth is a steward of taxpayer dollars

I manage multi-million dollar budgets funded by taxpayer dollars. I understand how public funding in Colorado works, and I find innovative ways to better serve the people of our community on a strict budget every day. 

Beth knows how to get results

Beth listens

As an education leader, I have led schools across the region in improving their literacy instruction for students with disabilities. As a result, northwest Colorado showed some of the largest gains in the state in language arts for students in Special Education and has become a model for others.

As the Co-Chair of the Young Professionals Network, I have led the way on partnership efforts throughout our community. I have led the creation and growth of many programs within the organization, including a community forum to help young professionals understand the complex issues facing our community (like housing, child care, and maintaining community character), an event to connect local nonprofits with young leaders for their boards, and a small business education series to provide support in creating and growing a small business.

When the Yampa Valley Housing Authority decided to pursue innovative programs to fund affordable housing in our community, the first thing I said was, "How can I help?" I spent weekend after weekend knocking on doors talking to voters about affordable housing in our community, and ultimately helped to ensure that 5A for HOMES became a reality for our community.

Hayden granary meet and greet.jpg

After YPN held a forum on child care I wanted to get involved. This is when I joined the First Impressions Early Childhood Council. I quickly moved to the executive board and have been a persistent and vocal champion for the needs of young families in our community, especially when it comes to child care. This summer, I led the way to create a process for developing a community plan for early childhood in Routt County. This plan is in the works, and we'll be excited to share out some of the results and next steps this fall.

beth will be your public servant

I am already a dedicated public servant, and it's time to talk about what's next for Routt County. Our community needs new innovative ideas to move us into the future, and I can't wait to bring your voice to the Board of County Commissioners. Thank you for your consideration and your vote.