Election Information


what is a county commissioner?

County Commissioners are responsible for:

  • Facilitating partnerships to address issues of concern to residents across the county
  • Making land use decisions to manage growth and zoning, and implement energy development policies
  • Overseeing our local early childhood council
  • Administering state services including human services, public health, environmental health and veterans services
  • Participating in our local housing authority, transportation planning region, economic development council, sustainability council, and others
  • Managing the county budget, including funding for roads and bridges, the county jail, and other county services

when do i vote?

October 15th: Ballot is mailed to your home

October 22nd: In-person voting starts

October 30th: Last day to mail your ballot

November 6th: Ballots are due back to a ballot box location

Colorado has same-day voter registration, so there is no deadline to register to vote.

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