Child Care

Everyone needs a safe place for their kids while they are at work. Innovative solutions and partnerships can make this a reality in Routt County.

Child care

The people in our workforce need a safe place for their kids to be while they are at work.

Our early childhood efforts in Routt County are concentrated under the County’s purview, and we need an advocate for these efforts in order to make progress.

Beth has been deeply involved in our local early childhood council’s efforts to develop a community plan for early childhood.

She will continue these efforts and prioritize the solutions that are developed as a part of this process. These solutions will likely include:

1) Facilitation of public-private partnerships to create additional capacity for infant and toddler care across Routt County

2) Supporting programs with local community colleges to “grow our own” early childhood workforce

3) Partnering with the Chamber to help businesses develop policies that give families the opportunity for flexibility to alleviate demand on our tight child care market